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Terrier Marketplace

Shoppers can create shopping carts that have items from catalogs that are hosted in the Terrier Marketplace. Items in the Terrier Marketplace have pre-negotiated pricing and do not require quotes or the approval from a Sourcing & Procurement buyer. In the Terrier Marketplace, shoppers can compare products as well as search and filter their searches for specific products.

The example below describes a basic search to find a product.  To learn more about the features available through the Terrier Marketplace, view the pages inside this folder.


  • Shoppers can quickly order items from suppliers that have been set up with a catalog

  • Negotiated pricing without requesting a quote

  • Reduce typing and data entry

  • Minimize price discrepancies and invoice issues

  • Shows product availability

  • Includes detailed product specifications

  1. Click on Procurement, Place and Manage Orders, and Shopping Cart.

  2. Click on Set Values.

  3. Click on Account Assignment and enter your Assign Number.

  4. Click Internal Note if you need to add a comment regarding this shopping cart.  This will only be visible by internal Boston University users. Click on Delivery Address / Performance Location.
    Note: The information in Internal Note does not get printed on the purchase order, therefore the supplier will not see it.

  5. Click on the search in the Name field. Type your address, encased in **(e.g. *72* shown below), and click Start Search. Click on your ship to address.
    Note: If the dialog box does not close, highlight the line and click OK.

  6. Type the remaining delivery address information and click OK.
    Note: Do not type over Boston University in the Name field.

  7. Click Add Item and then Terrier Marketplace.

  8. Type the desired product into the Search field. Click the search button or hit enter on your keyboard.

  9. Select the item to purchase and click Add to Cart.

  10. Click Review Cart to review your items.

  11. Click Checkout to bring the items from the Terrier Marketplace back to your shopping cart.

  12. Click Check. If the shopping cart has no errors, click Order.


Shoppers can use the Terrier Marketplace to shop for discounted items without obtaining a quote. Shopping carts that order using the Terrier Marketplace do not require the approval of a Sourcing & Procurement buyer because the pricing has been pre-negotiated.

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