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Shoppers have the ability to set personalization in BUworks Central for multiple attributes. For shopping, focus on setting a cost center, delivery address, and product category. The personalization set will be the default settings for every shopping cart created after the settings are saved. The default settings can be overwritten for shopping carts that require different attributes.


  • Quickly order catalog and non-catalog items

  • Create shopping carts without entering the same information multiple times

  1. From the BUworks Central homepage, click on Procurement and Personalization.

  2. Click Edit and choose the Attribute Delivery Address*.

  3. Click Add Line.

  4. Select the Standard radio button, Click here to find your address value.  Type or paste the value into the Value field, and click Save.

    Note: The C/O, floor, and room fields are not saved using personalization.  Remember to populate those fields when creating new shopping carts.

  5. Click Edit.

  6. In Attribute, select Cost Center, PERCLNT500*, and click Add Line.

  7. Select the radio button in the Standard field and enter your cost center in the Value field.

  8. Click Save to save the changes made to your Cost Center personalization.

  9. Click Edit and choose the Attribute Product Category.

  10. Click Add Line and then click on the search in the From Product Category field.

  11. Type in the description of the items most frequently purchased, encased in ** (e.g. *lab* shown below), and click Start Search. Click on the description of the product category that you would like to use.

  12. Click on the radio button in the Standard field and click Save.


Personalization has now been set for shopping carts. The settings will automatically populate when line items are added to a shopping cart. If you need to make changes, you can override the settings when creating a new shopping cart by following the Default Settings: Set Values procedure.

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