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Limit Order

Shoppers can create purchase orders (POs) with the item type “limit” for orders of variable costs. Limit orders can be billed against multiple times without being closed out. Limit orders must have a quote or price agreement attached in the notes and attachments section. Limit orders that are over $25k need to have a quote as well as a sole source justification or competitive bids. Information on justifications and bids can be found at the Sourcing & Procurement Policies Page.  

SENSITIVE INFORMATION: If your unit expects to share sensitive information with the supplier you should describe that information in the Internal Note. Sensitive information includes patient or health information, Social Security numbers, financial account numbers (including credit card numbers) or drivers’ license numbers.


  • Create POs for orders where the total cost has not been established (e.g. Dry ice, paper, gas for the semester)

  • Bill against one line on a PO for multiple items or invoices

  1. Click on Procurement, Place and Manage Orders, and Shopping Cart.

  2. Click on Set Values and open the search in the product category field. Describe the item that want to purchase, encased in ** (e.g. *lab* shown below), and click Start Search.
    Note: Setting the values for product category will default for every line added to the shopping cart.  Update the product category for each line as needed.

  3. Click on the name of the product category that best fits your item.
    Note: If the dialog box does not close, highlight the line and click OK.

  4. Click on Account Assignment and enter your Assign Number.

    Note: Splitting cost distribution is not currently supported for limit orders. Only one funding source may be used when creating a limit order.

  5. Click Internal Note if you need to add a comment regarding this shopping cart.  Note the supplier name in this field.  This will only be visible by internal Boston University users. Click on Delivery Address / Performance Location.
    Note: The information in Internal Note does not get printed on the purchase order, therefore the supplier will not see it.

  6. Click on the search in the Name field. Type your address, encased in **(e.g. *72* shown below), and click Start Search. Click on your ship to address.
    Note: If the dialog box does not close, highlight the line and click OK.

  7. Type the remaining delivery address information and click OK.
    Note: Do not type over Boston University in the Name field.

  8. Click Add Item and then Limit Item.

  9. Fill in all of the information except for Supplier and Service Agent. The required dates are the date range that the service will be provided or the goods will be delivered. The start date must be in the future. The supplier that was written in the Internal Note will be added by Sourcing & Procurement after the Shopping Cart is Approved. Click OK.

  10. Click Check. If the shopping cart is free of errors, click Order.


Once shopping carts with a limit item becomes approved, the item status will become “In Purchaser’s Worklist” and then “Follow-on Document Created”. When the shopping cart is “In Purchaser’s Worklist” it is waiting for a buyer to create the PO. Once the PO is created, it is sent to the supplier and the status is changed to “Follow-on Document Created”. The Shopper will get a notification from BUworks Central of the PO number that has been assigned to the shopping cart. 

Note: Information about limit order value does not get communicated to the supplier.

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