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How Do I Delete My Shopping Cart?

Shoppers can delete their own shopping carts to remove the commitment.  Shopping carts cannot be deleted by Sourcing & Procurement and need to be deleted by the shopper.  Deleting shopping carts is intended for shopping carts that have been saved, canceled, or rejected and will not be billed against in the future.


  • Remove commitments on shopping carts.

  1. Click Procurement, Shopping Carts - All, enter your search criteria, and then press apply.

  2. Highlight the shopping cart that you would like to delete by clicking on the gray button to the left of the shopping cart number.

  3. Click Delete and then Yes.  If the delete button is not available, continue to step 5.

  4. A confirmation of deletion will appear at the top of the screen and the shopping cart will no longer be in the Shopping Cart - All list.

  5. If the delete option is not available from step 3, press Edit.

  6. Highlight the line item that needs to be deleted and press delete.  Once the items have been deleted, the total value of the shopping cart will become $0.