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Has an Invoice Been Posted?

Shoppers can determine whether an invoice has been posted by accounts payable, and see payment has been issued to the supplier.


  • Determine whether an invoice has been posted on a purchase order.

  1. Click Procurement, Shopping Carts - All, enter your search criteria, and then press apply.

  2. Click on the Follow-on Document Created link.

  3. View the invoice and invoice number in the related documents tab.  To determine whether payment has been sent to the supplier, continue to Step 3.

  4. Click on the purchase order number to open the PO.

  5. Click on Details.

  6. Click on Extended PO History.

If an Accounting Document number appears, an invoice has been entered into the BUworks and accounts payable will remit payment based on the negotiated payment term.  If a Clearing Document number appears, payment has been remitted to the supplier.