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Agency Temps

Products and Services Overview

When a University unit wishes to hire a temp or a permanent placement through an employment agency or staffing firm, please choose from the list of approved staffing and recruiting suppliers that have been vetted and placed under Master Service Agreements (MSAs).

Supplier Contacts

The Contingent Labor list is available to the BU community only (protected by Kerberos). This list is inclusive of vendor rep contact information, SAP vendor number, and pre-negotiated fees.

Contract and Pricing Information

All staffing agency MSAs are housed in Sourcing & Procurement’s contract database and can be provided upon request. Each agency’s negotiated fee is published on the spreadsheet to aid the University unit in their decision-making process, but should remain confidential.

If procuring a direct hire/permanent candidate through an agency, the one-time fee is a % of the annual base salary (most are negotiated between 15-20%). If hiring a temp or contract worker, the University unit will pay the agency an hourly bill rate for the worker. The bill rate is determined between the engagement manager and the agency and is based on the worker’s background and skills. If the University unit wishes to convert this temp to a FTE, there may be a conversion fee due depending on how long the temp has worked in the department. The conversion fee is on a sliding scale, with 15% of the annual base salary due if converted between months 1 – 2, 10% months 3 – 4, 5% months 5 – 6, and 0% thereafter.  These rates may be higher when working with IT staffing agencies and boutique firms.

Program Advantages

By utilizing an approved staffing agency, the University unit can feel comfortable knowing there is already an MSA in place with negotiated fees that the agency is held to. All of our agencies are familiar with the payment process and understand that the weekly invoices are paid against purchase orders.

How to Order

Medical campus hiring managers should contact with your staffing request and they will assist you.

Charles River campus hiring managers should contact an Approved Staffing and Recruiting Suppliers directly with your staffing and recruiting needs. Once you have identified a candidate, a shopping cart (limit order) should be placed in BUworks Central while you are working with the provider to fulfill your request.

If you are interested in hiring a candidate on a permanent basis, please complete Section A of the Direct Hire SOW template and upload it as an attachment to your shopping cart.

If you are interested in hiring a temporary or potential temp-to-perm candidate, please complete Section A of the Temp Labor SOW template and upload it as an attachment to your shopping cart.

The shopping cart bring Sourcing & Procurement into the process to facilitate the necessary contracts and provides the means in which to pay the service provider's invoice.  For more information on shopping cart creation, visit the folder entitled BUworks Central.

How to Pay

As stated on all purchase orders, invoices should be submitted directly to the Accounts Payable department. To expedite payment and to ensure that all possible discounts are applied, submit invoices electronically to For questions about an invoice, visit the AP website to find the correct contact for your question.

Responsible Buyer

Sourcing & Procurement Business Services

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